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Minnesota Guns

"Huge selection of firearms and accessories." "Customer service and the product selection can't be beaten in Minnesota." "This is my one-stop shop for all things guns, ammo online."   38164 253rd Ave Shevlin, MN 56676 218-785-2994   Shevlin and Minnesota's Best Selection of Guns, Ammo, Optics and Hunting Supplies Minnesota Guns Pistols Rifles Shotguns Ammo Optics Accessories Whisper Firearms is an online gun shop and we are stocked with the best selection of hunting and shooting supplies. We love the outdoors and are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. Here at Whisper Firearms, we created an online gun shopping experience we always wanted: quality products, variety, value, and the best service. We...  Read More

Beretta USA M9-22 Whisper Firearms Review

Thinking of a getting a sidearm? Then Look No Further Than The Beretta M9 22: The US Military Main Service Weapon in 22 caliber. Why should you get the Beretta M9 you ask? Well, I can choose to go on about all the technical specs that make this handgun one of the best on the market. But I won’t bore you with that first, but instead, I will point to the number one selling point of the Beretta M9 which is that it is the official service weapon of the United States military. The gun has been in use in the US military for over 20 years which is a sure testament to its quality and superiority over other pistols. The Beretta M9 was designed with the help of military personnel from all over the globe with the aim of developing the best ha...  Read More

The 5 Best Trap Shotguns

Getting started with the sport of trap shooting or even one of the other types of clay pigeon shooting like skeet shooting or sporting clays is relatively easy with the right trap shotgun. Almost any type of shotgun can be used as long as it is designed to shoot a moving target. There are a few things to keep in mind before taking the first shot though. Shotguns used for home defense or protection shouldn't be used for clay pigeon shooting. These shotguns are designed to hit a stationary target with usually at least a few seconds to aim. Trap shooting shotguns, on the other hand, require the rapid firing of hundreds of pellets at a time at a target that is moving quickly with barely a second in between shots. Professional Target Shoo...  Read More
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