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Beretta USA M9-22 Whisper Firearms Review


Thinking of a getting a sidearm? Then Look No Further Than The Beretta M9 22: The US Military Main Service Weapon in 22 caliber.


Why should you get the Beretta M9 you ask? Well, I can choose to go on about all the technical specs that make this handgun one of the best on the market. But I won’t bore you with that first, but instead, I will point to the number one selling point of the Beretta M9 which is that it is the official service weapon of the United States military. The gun has been in use in the US military for over 20 years which is a sure testament to its quality and superiority over other pistols.


The Beretta M9 was designed with the help of military personnel from all over the globe with the aim of developing the best handgun for military service, and boy did they deliver. The gun’s performance and reliability are unquestionable, meeting every rigorous requirement of the U.S. Marine Corps without fail. This just comes to show that the Beretta M9 pistol is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for buy a gun for personal use.

Now, before we go on any further, we should look at the specifications and features of the Beretta M9 22.



• Style: Pistol

• Magazine capacity: 15

• Barrel length (in.): 4.9

• Weight unloaded (gm): 944

• Length (in.): 8.5

• Handedness: Ambidextrous

• Action: Single/Double

• Caliber: .22 LR

• 15-round magazine

• interchangeable grip panels

Aside from the practicality of the gun, the Beretta M9 22 is one of the best aesthetically pleasing pistols out there, and let’s face it, the appearance of a weapon will more than likely influence you when deciding which gun to buy. The gun is also well built with the slides finished by Beretta’s state of art Brunitron finish which gives the illusion of black paint and which is meant to keep it well lubricated. The gun's frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy which makes it durable while the barrel is chrome lined. All these measures ensure that the Beretta M9 22 does not rust easily and hence, it can serve you for a lifetime.

m9-22lr Beretta USA

The Beretta M9 22 grip is one of the best you can find in a pistol since it is made from checkered polymer panels with the iconic Beretta seal engraved on them. The panels of the gun are also designed to be used in any environment. The M9 features a slide-mounted safety with a slide release lever that returns the gun to battery. The Beretta M9 22 sight is a single rear semi-circular mark with a single front dot. To perfectly aim the gun, all a user has to do is to align the front white dot above the rear post. This has made the gun extremely easy to aim, and as a result, many users have found it to be pin point accurate which disputes the popular saying” it’s not the gun, it’s you.”

The gun is also a pleasure to fire because of the relatively low recoil as compared to other pistols. This can be attributed to the gun’s weight and minimalized rotational momentum caused by firing the weapon. Disassembly is also a joy with the user only being required to simply press the unlocking button which is located on the right side of the gun’s frame, and revolving the lever located at a similar position on the left side of the frame clockwise. This makes cleaning of the gun easy to do. The gun uses a non-captive recoil spring that is used on a polymer guide rod which also makes the M9 more resistant to debris.

Final Thoughts

There is simply no other handgun on the market that can match the Beretta M9 22 immaculate track record. It is a more than a solid choice for a gun because of its reliability, precision, and performance. The M9 is also not lacking in the looks department as it is a very attractive pistol. The popularity of the gun also means that spare parts are easily available if you ever need them which I highly doubt.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get a Beretta M9 22.

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